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Participation of Motivator-GT in halting the spread of Covid-19 in Tawakua Village, Luwu Timur

The Tawakua sub-centre in East Luwu, South Sulawesi is one of the target villages of the Motivator-GT in partnership with EMS.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a significant effect on community life in the village. There have already been 11 positive cases of Covid-19 in East Luwu Regency (as of 5 May 2020). This has raised concern in the local village community.

Motivator-GT cannot stand still on seeing this situation. Through discussions with sub-centre administrators, we participated in efforts with all parties to halt the transmission of Covid-19 by providing assistance in the form of portable hand washing stations, hand sanitiser, masks, disinfectants and personal protective equipment. The equipment was distributed to public facilities such as churches, mosques, temples, offices and clinics.

For social distancing reasons, Motivator-GT could not directly distribute the aid, rather it was carried out by the Sub-Centre officials with cooperation from the Tawakua Village Government.

Hopefully, Covid-19 does not directly impact Tawakua village or other assisted villages across South and West Sulawesi.

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